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Windless Chime

AC1L-44  - For wind chimes measuring 34" - 44"

Chime shown is Notus 43"(510S-P), sold separately.

Introducing the

Aeolus"Windless Chime"

Your Chimes Indoors Year-round

Powered by a microprocessor controlled electromagnet, the chime control acts as the wind.  The "windless" sail contains a strong rare-earth magnet that reacts to variable pulses of the chime control.  The unit senses the position of the sail and is interpreted by the microprocessor in the unit.  The result: a realistic simulation of the wind acting upon your wind chime.

The speed of the "wind" is fully adjustable, from gentle breezes to blustery gusts.

Enjoy your your chimes in a darkened room with 18 LED lights set in the base of the unit that bathes your chime from underneath in a warm glow.  Select from an infinite color pallet with 4 brightness levels, or chose the cross-fade option that slowly cycles through an array of colors.